is an online marketplace to bridge the gap between the public and the building professionals. Generally, people find it a big problem to get professionals for their building projects. On the contrary, it becomes challenging for the builders too to locate a genteel client with reference. not only offers communities the best builders fitting their budget and location, but also provides mature leads to the edifice builders. The skilful professionals grab the amazing opportunities to best plan the projects in their business pipeline.  


PakBuilds aims at bringing innovation to the construction sector of Pakistan by connecting the public with building experts. Our goal is to advance the business of construction by offering an online marketing platform and facilitating the public with skilled contractors and an e-store.

Target Audience

  1. General Public

“” offers the communities to acquire the best construction professionals as per budget and location.

  • Building Material Companies:

The companies reach their clients through our registered professionals and frequent website visitors.

  • Building Professionals

Construction experts will get mature leads to develop a future business pipeline.

  1. Jobs is a website where job seekers can have the best job opportunities emerging from our well-known companies and website visitors by developing their business cards. 

Business Model

  1. Building Professionals: 

We serve building professionals in diverse categories, Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, and Landscape Design.

  1. Construction Partners: 

We encourage all Building Material Companies to compete in online market trends. The companies can effortlessly showcase their product range and price at to attain online orders from the recurrent visitors and our registered professionals.

  1. Sponsored Ads: 
  2. We provide an exclusive ledge to the sponsored ads. We help them achieve maximum visuality on the front page of the website.